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IT Services


We will provide you with any Website platform that you desire. We have different Website Packages that best suits your needs! Email us or Call!


Complete Website €239 ONLY!!

ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning. The ERP System that we provide will solve all your problems. We offer the best solution; for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses.

Best Performance EVER!

Cloud Solutions

Best Price Offer in Malta!

Digital Marketing

The Secret Ingredient to your Businesses success is Digital Marketing. We focus on Online and Offline Strategic Marketing. Our Aim is your Strategic Success.

We Are Innovative

But Mostly Creative!

Outstanding Prices and Results!


Need any advice? Want to know what best suits your Business? We Consult with you and try to figure out the best solution that there is out there.

We Help You Grow!

We Help You Improve!

Only €15/Hour!



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Filming Crew

We represent one of the most talented team crews in Malta. Having years of experience and being one of the best in Malta, we offer their services on request. Depending on what you need we provide.

We are proud to have an award winning director in our team.

Based on your budget and what you have in mind, we can give you an estimate of price range to complete your project.

We cover Documentaries, Weddings, Events, Filming Projects, Music Videos and more.

Script Writers

We also have contacts with professional Script Writers who have written upcoming Feature Films and Short Films. With Years on experience on their hand, we can offer this service if you need a professional Script Writer.


We also have professional editors who edit hours of footage. Our most professional editor has even won an American Award on a Maltese Feature film.


We will give you an estimate price range on any lighting equipment you need. We have all the lighting equipment and professionals in the industry to help you.

Sound Equipment

This also includes professional Sound Equipment for your needs.

Just Call Us on 99281004 for any questions.

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Call Us!



We provide photography service for events. Prices are unbeatable! We work around the clock to get the Photos of the event ready for you. Depending on the package you buy we will deliver.


Not only will we provide the filming service for your Weddings but we will also provide Photography. We have a specialised team who works around the clock to deliver the best on your special occasions at unbeatable prices!

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